About us

Our offices are in great localizations!

We know how important are time and comfort so we have only good office.

  • Our office are equipped with access to the Internet, office appliances and supplies
  • We do not use hidden additional charges for every small service. Let’s be serious!!!
  • We always have own conference rooms and workstations for our exclusive use.
  • We have office in the centrum of the town
  • Always you have a place to park. Time is money!!!


We focus on quality and reliability of services, services which scope is constantly expanding. In conducting our business, we are not only focused at profits, but above all honesty and transparency rules of interaction with customers and competitors.

We also cooperate with other companies. Number of regular customers and the history of our business are our best recommendation.


Our company has been on the market since 2003. That allowed us to gather large experience and provide a full professionalism of provided services. As one of the first we have introduced this innovative product, promoting it as a helpful and extremely efficient for a large group of entrepreneurs facing problem of selection of office to register its’ business.


  • We provide offices for many years during which you gain a sense of security and above all certainty that nobody without reason will not give you a tenancy agreement and will not expose you to additional costs.
  • We have a program written especially for us, which is suitably adapted to our needs. It manages mail, identifies the customer and improves office work. The program allows you to remotely manage the office via a web page.

Our idea of Virtual Office

Virtual Offices which we offer are complete solutions for the people who plan to launch a company as well as for those who already run business with no high costs involved. Virtual Offices mean not only offices and professional secretarial service.

Our offer will help you start business activity, as well as achieve essential advice and help when introducing your services to the market. Moreover, our offer provides you with the ideal localization of your company in the centre of Kraków. Our aim is to develop mutual confidence and certainty that the company run by you has an appropriate support and advisory service.

Our staff will help you set a new company or buy an existing plant or a property. Our financial advisors will assist you in preparing an appropriate business plan or negotiations so your project could be successfully accomplished.

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