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RISE sp. z o.o. pays very much attention to respect the Internet users and their rights, especially taking into account the Privacy Protection Right in the Web. Aiming at the clear understanding of the rules we follow while obtaining and processing personal data, we created a Privacy Policy.

The basic terms of the policy are as follows:

• Collecting only this personal data, which you provided us with
• Not taking advantage of your data on the purposes different than those, which you agreed to
• Not forwarding your private data to any third parties, which are not fully controlled by RISE sp. z o.o.
• The lack of the access of any third party, which is not an employee of RISE sp. z o.o. to the possessed personal data
• The possibility of inspecting and editing your data
• The immediate cease processing and editing your data at your request
• Rigorous observation of the Act from 29.08.97 regarding Privacy Protection Policy, Journal of Laws No 133 poz. 883.;

The above mentioned policy is applied to all the tasks which are under the permanent control of RISE sp. z o.o. , especially to website RISE sp. z o.o. does not take the responsibility for the data collected by the other Internet services, which are not the property of RISE sp. z o.o. and websites, which links are placed on the domain. When using the internet service you accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.
Availability range of the information about the users

RISE sp. z o.o. does not make any personal information available to any third party, unless the user agrees to it or at the request of the authorized bodies (police, prosecutor’s office, courts, etc.) in case the user is suspected to breach of the binding law. At the same time, RISE sp. z o.o. reserves a right to pass collective statistical studies and all the information not allowing for the direct identification of the particular users.

Gathering information on the users
RISE sp. z o.o. collects the date about the users from the following sources:
Registration forms
At the moment of expressing your willingness to take advantage of the selected services of RISE sp. z o.o. you can be asked to fill out a short registration form, which allows us to know your preferences better. With no consequences, you are entitled to refuse to agree on using your personal data by RISE sp. z o.o. for the marketing purposes. You also have a right to inspect and edit provided personal data. At any time you can apply to remove your data from the database of RISE sp. z o.o. and stop their further collection by RISE sp. z o.o. .

RISE sp. z o.o. uses so called „cookies” which are small files with information saved on your hard disk. Thanks to that we are able to obtain the basic information on how often you visit our website and which elements of it you are mostly interested in, etc. This information is used only for the sake of creating statistics regarding the traffic on our website and for adapting our service so it meets your needs.
Obviously you have a full right to refuse to save the cookies on your computer. All Internet browsers offer the possibility of automatic rejection of cookies. RISE sp. z o.o. does not take responsibility for the content of cookies sent by the other Internet websites, which are linked on the

IP Numbers
As in case of the most of the Internet services, RISE sp. z o.o. analyses access logs carrying the information on the users’ IP numbers. The information gathered in this way is used for the administrative purposes of our service and mainly for the statistical analysis of our users.

E-mail addresses obtained from the correspondence with RISE sp. z o.o.
Every user of RISE sp. z o.o. has a possibility of direct contact with the employees of RISE sp. z o.o. by writing to e-mail listed on the,, RISE sp. z o.o. stores the correspondence with the customers for the statistical purposes and for the best and quickest reaction for the enquiries. At the same time RISE sp. z o.o. guarantees that the addresses obtained in this way will not be used for the communication with the user on the purpose different than requested. The possible contact in case of a different purpose can only be made when the previous users’ approval is gained.

External units
RISE sp. z o.o. does not gather data concerning any third party, unless this data is connected with the realization of the agreements with the above-mentioned and is sent to us with the consent of the interested party. RISE sp. z o.o. does not send not ordered mass correspondence, especially with the advertising content. RISE sp. z o.o. supports all the activities leading to limitation of spam messages on the Internet.

Possible changes in the Privacy Policy
Our offer will be gradually extended. This means that in the future RISE sp. z o.o. can introduce some modifications to the Privacy Policy. Together with any alteration, a new version of the Privacy Policy will appear with a new date. All the essential – from the user’s point of view – changes will be appropriately highlighted. When using the service after the date of alteration, you approve of the changes in the new version of the Policy.

Term of use

When using the service you approve of the terms and conditions.
If you do not approve of the agreement, please leave.


The Owner – “RISE Wirtualne Biuro Spó³ka z o.o.”, who own the following services:,,

The User – a person using,, office-lease.plservice.


The entire content of the website is protected by Polish and international copyrights. The rights to all materials placed on the pages of the website are reserved for the Owner or the other authorized companies and persons (such as partners, customers.)

This site or any portion of this site (such as excerpts of texts, documents, files, graphics and graphical layouts) may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold or otherwise exploited for any commercial use and in any way (electronically or mechanically) and by any other means and systems if not expressly permitted in writing by the Owner.

The trade names and names of the goods and companies which appear in the service can be or are reserved trademarks or trade names of the appropriate companies or their owners.

Unauthorized use or distribution of any materials at this site may violate copyright, trademark, unfair competition law, press law or civil law and/or other laws and is subject to civil as well as criminal sanctions.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The Owner of this service makes its best efforts to ensure that the information presented is reliable and correct. However, RISE sp. z o.o. does not assume any liability for damage or loss (inclusive of such as for loss of revenue, loss of income, or loss of profit or any other) directly or indirectly caused in connection with accessing or using the website or with respect to its performance or requests sent to the site, or any connection with websites owned and operated by third parties. The Owner of this service does not assume any liability for the faulty functioning WebPages of the service.

Further, the Owner does not warrant the availability of the website, accuracy or completeness of any information, including but not limited to any text, picture, graphics, link or other item that may be contained within this site. The Owner may make changes to the content of this site or to block the access to the service at any time without notice.
The Owner shall have no liability for the comments and replies of the Users (such as on internet forums, chat rooms ore websites) and the information included on the websites of the advertisers or any other place on the Internet, which links are contained within this site.


The Owner fully respects the privacy. The User using the service is anonymous at all times, unless they decide to reveal their personal data.

Personal data is not given out to any third party and the access to it is limited only to the Owner of the service or authorized persons which are legally bound to observe trade secret.
The Owner on the basis of the obtained information, creates collective statistical analysis which can be revealed to third parties, however, they do not allow for the identification of the particular Users.
The User can remove their data independently at any time or ask for its removal or modification.


In order to operate the Internet service correctly, it is necessary to use one of the latest browsers (such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera) with JavaScript and cookie options enabled. The service is constructed in a way, that is can be also accessed from untypical or older browsers, however, it can happen that some of selected options may not work satisfactorily.


The user account is assigned to a person. One person can have only one account in the service. One account can be used by one person only.

The accounts of users who will copy the content of the service and save it on local discs, use programs or harvesters for the mass websites indexing or in any other way attack or overload the server will be cancelled and the access to the service will be completely blocked. The server is being monitored at all times.

The Owner reserves a right to make changes to the agreement at any time without notice. Using the service is tantamount to approving of the introduced changes.

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