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Virtual office

This is a combination of a traditional office with the flexibility that working from home provides. By renting a virtual address from us you are sure that your correspondence is always received, and information from Clients or partners delivered. You can check whether there is mail or any messages for you from anywhere in the world. An office by the hour is also a possibility of working with us, organizing meetings or recruitment. A virtual office is a great idea for reducing the costs of running a business and adapting to the current needs of the company. Go to page: Virtual office


This is a way of working in office conditions without incurring high costs. An ideal solution for people who need a desk to work at from time to time, without binding themselves with a place long-term. Co-working is a way for individual work in a common office. It is particularly recommended for freelancers and people starting their business, because it enables flexible development of time and costs. Renting a desk is a perfect idea if you need peace to work, but also the possibility to meet with other creative people.
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Conference and training rooms

Our offer includes training rooms ideal for mini-conferences, recruitment or training. Our conference rooms are intimate, equipped with a multimedia projector, flipchart and screen. We provide office support - printing, scanning, coffee, tea and mineral water. The rooms can be rented by the hour, for days or weeks, depending on your needs Go to page: Conference and training rooms

Accounting and payroll

Accounts and pay policy are strategic for the management of every company. Our accounting office has great experience in handling domestic and foreign business entities, and can provide professional accounting services, as well as human resources and payrolls, ensuring that each client is treated individually. We provide full accounting services, the book of income and expenditure, as well as full employee documentation - also in English.
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Serviced office space

It does not matter if Your company is just starting or you are already on the market, we offer You a Serviced office space for work. It will help you to concentrate on the development and administration, problems with the office leave to us. This is a cost-effective alternative in comparison with independent rental and settlement office. You do not pay for the device and office equipment and do not lose time on the office rebuilding, but get everything what you need for a good work. Go to page: Serviced office space

Registration of Companies

With us you can register partnerships and capital companies of a profile you need. Many years of experience has caused that we establish companies quickly and efficiently. Rejestracja Spółek

Ready made companies

At any time you can buy a ready, registered Company, with a clean account. This is the best way if you need to start working immediately. Saving time means saving money! Spółki na sprzedaż

Offshore companies

Registration of companies in countries with favourable tax solutions is an ideal solution for businesses operating on a wider scale. Offshore companies
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